22nd Jun 2020

No fault divorce to receive Royal Assent

By Elizabeth Fletcher

No fault divorce to receive Royal Assent.

As reported earlier this month here, the divorce reform bill has been moving through parliament and last Wednesday completed its passage.  It will now receive Royal Assent.

However, for those couples who were hoping that the no fault divorce would now be implemented and the current system which has so many opportunities to increase conflict be set aside, there will still be some disappointment.  The government has stated that it will be the autumn of 2021 before the new divorce process will be implemented.  This is due to problems around the new online system for lodging a divorce petition as well as the new court forms which will now be required to accommodate it.

There is no doubt that the reforms will ensure that couples can reduce the conflict between them and move forward to make important decisions around the arrangements for their children and their finances following separation.

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