pensions divorce

15th September 2021

Pensions on Divorce: A Video

What does the law say when it comes to pension sharing and divorce?

27th August 2021

Successful Step Parenting: A Podcast

In this episode of the FLiP podcast we discuss our top tips for successful step parenting.

19th May 2021

Children & Screen Time: What You Need to Know: A Podcast

In this episode of the FLiP podcast we discuss children & screen time with Dr Aric Sigman, covering…

4th May 2021

Ask The Arbitrators: A Video

A discussion and debate relating to the IFLA family arbitration children scheme featuring FLiP’s James Pirrie

7th April 2021

Children Arbitration: All You Need To Know: A Podcast

In this podcast we discuss how arbitration can be used as a successful forum to resolve disputes relating…

23rd March 2021

HNW Divorce Year In Review: A Video

HNW Divorce’s video looking at the key changes in the family law world during 2020 featuring FLiP’s James…

9th March 2021

The Without Prejudice Podcast ft Gillian Bishop

In this podcast Gillian speaks with junior family lawyers about the benefits of supervision and well-being

1st March 2021

The Family Court Process in Times of COVID-19: A Podcast

In this episode of the FLiP podcast we discuss how the courts have adapted to the Covid-19 crisis…

22nd January 2021

Family Mediation: All you Need to Know: A Podcast

In this episode of the FLiP podcast we discuss the family mediation process, answering commonly asked questions including…

26th November 2020

Domestic Abuse: The Hidden Pandemic: A Podcast

FLiP and Sarnjit Lal of Tuckers Solicitors discuss the rapid rise of domestic abuse during the Covid-19 lockdowns…

7th October 2020

World Mental Health Day 2020

FLiP Counsellor Jo Harrison offers her thoughts on supporting your mental health during divorce or separation

28th September 2020

Communicating During Family Breakdown: A Podcast

A discussion about what happens to the communication between couples when they decide to end their romantic ties

16th September 2020

Depression and Divorce: A Podcast

FLiP Associate Hannah Greene teams up with consultant psychotherapist Chris Mills to discuss the impact of depression on…

16th September 2020

Successfully Navigating the Return to School

In this podcast, Director Elizabeth Fletcher teams up with Emma Gleadhill to discuss how best to navigate the return to…
pensions divorce

16th September 2020

CGT: What’s New for 2020-2021? A Video

Director James Pirrie discusses CGT, the reduction of deemed residence in the PPR and other tax matters relevant…

16th September 2020

Parenting Apart in Lockdown: A Podcast

In this podcast director Elizabeth Fletcher discusses relationship struggles and parenting apart in lockdown with The Parent Practice

16th September 2020

Stamp Duty and Divorce: A Video

Director James Pirrie discusses the tax implications of divorce or separation with Sofia Thomas

16th September 2020

Divorce and Children with Special Needs

Nicole Hackett explores what happens when families with children who have special needs face divorce or separation

14th September 2020

Family Law and Tax: A Video

Director James Pirrie discusses the different perspectives of tax and family law on divorce with Sofia Thomas

16th September 2020

Finances and Family Breakdown: A Video

In this video Gillian Bishop explains how finances are dealt with on a family breakdown

16th September 2020

Kindness – Mental Health Awareness

The team at FLiP offer their thoughts on kindness during divorce for Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

16th September 2020

Successful Co-Parenting: A Video

Successful co-parenting after you separate isn’t easy but together you can make it work

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