28th Mar 2023

Meet The Team Tuesday Ft. Stephanie Dodman

By Stephanie Dodman

Meet  – Stephanie Dodman


Meet Stephanie Dodman,  Paralegal at Family Law in Partnership.

Stephanie assists the lawyers wherever possible on their cases and often attends court with clients and their barristers. She is also a central liaison for the courts and regularly attends stakeholder meetings with HMCTS. She is also undertaking the Solicitors Qualifying Exams. 

  1. So, Stephanie, how long have you been at FLiP?

7 years.

  1. What does your role entail at FLiP?

I assist all members of the fee earning team with the drafting of documents, applications, attendance at meetings and also court. I also carry out legal research on matters, where necessary. I act as a liaison to HMCTS and regularly attend stakeholder meetings for the online divorce portal and the private law children portal.

  1. What is the best thing about your job?

The feeling that I have helped someone during a difficult time in their life, no matter how small. I am also lucky enough to work with a great group of people.

  1. Are you a tea or a coffee drinker?


  1. What is the hardest thing about your job?

Switching off.

  1. What motivates you at work?

The ability to help people at a challenging time, but also the new skills and legal knowledge that I learn on a daily basis.

  1. When you are enjoying some well-deserved leave, describe your perfect day?

A lovely walk somewhere nice with my husband and our black Labrador, Winnie.


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