26th Sep 2023

Meet The Team Tuesday Ft. Marcia Drummond

By Marcia Drummond

Meet The Team Tuesday Ft. Marcia Drummond


Meet Marcia Drummond, Associate and Chartered Legal Executive (FCILEx) Lawyer. Marcia handles all aspects of private family law. She has a broad range of experience across financial, divorce/dissolution and parenting matters. Marcia’s work includes advising on contentious and non-contentious divorce and civil partnership dissolution proceedings together with a range of private children law matters including contact disputes for both married and unmarried parents.

  1. So, Marcia, how long have you been at FLiP?

Nearly 23 years – I initially commenced work as a legal assistant and then completed my studies to be a legal executive lawyer before subsequently switching to practice family law.

  1. What does your role entail at FLiP?

Advising/representing clients re divorce, finance, Family Law Act proceedings and children issues.

  1. What is the best thing about your job?

Its cliché but really ‘no two days are the same’.  The process is often the same, but the clients and their situations differ which makes for interesting and challenging work.

  1. Are you a tea or a coffee drinker?

Herbal tea for example peppermint and ginger and lemon.  I will only drink coffee if I require a caffeine boost!

  1. What is the hardest thing about your job?

Managing client’s expectations as the nature of family law work can equate to volatile and high emotions.  Everyone has different experiences, personalities, strengths/weaknesses which invariably impact on how they conduct themselves throughout a stressful period.  This can manifest in a way which can transform a lawyer’s skillset to be one comparative to an untrained counsellor/therapist.  As a lawyer it can be difficult to maintain clear boundaries without presenting as apathy or insensitive.

  1. What motivates you at work?

The genuine desire to help a client and to help them recognise they have options with prospects for a new improved chapter.  This is particularly so where clients have suffered as a result of particularly harrowing situations and/or relationships.

  1. When you are enjoying some well-deserved leave, describe your perfect day?

A BBQ in the garden with a bunch of family and friends.

Travelling abroad is a passion and I enjoy time in warmer climates.  The sunshine, a beach and a good book aids me in relaxing.  I also enjoy visiting points of interest and learning about the history of the country or a specific location.

If you would like to learn more about how Marcia or any of the FLiP team can help you through your divorce or separation, please contact us below.