11th Jul 2023

Meet The Team Tuesday Ft. Jo Harrison

By Jo Harrison

Meet The Team Tuesday Ft. Jo Harrison


Meet FLiP’s in-house Counsellor and Family Consultant, Jo Harrison. Jo is very experienced in working with individuals and couples who are separating.

  1. So, Jo, how long have you been at FLiP?

I have been at FLiP for six years but I have known the lawyers at FLiP for more like 20 years since I was previously a family lawyer.

  1. What does your role entail at FLiP?

So I am one of the in house therapeutically trained divorce consultants. My background is as a divorce lawyer. Then, I retrained as a relationship therapist at Tavistock Relationships as I became increasingly interested in the reasons relationships broke down and the ways in which couples could be supported to divorce well. I work with FLiP clients – both individuals and couples – in short or long term work to support them through the divorce process and to offer a thinking space alongside the legal process as well as a signposting service to other relevant professionals. I also work with the whole team to add my psychotherapeutic perspective to relationship and family difficulties.

  1. What is the best thing about your job?

I love that FLiP has this embedded culture where we work in both domains of divorce and where we can really think together, as lawyers and therapists, to deliver better outcomes for families. It’s the full works!

  1. Anything else?

I love writing and my book Five Arguments All Couples (Need To) Have And Why the Washing Up Matters came out last year.  This is my perspective on the issues all couples have to navigate including the challenges of ending a relationship and how to divorce well.

Jo is very experienced in working as a therapist with individuals and couples who are separating. A former family lawyer, Jo has a depth of experience in being able to understand the legal process. She can work with clients, either individually or as a couple, to support them through the process. Clients can meet with Jo for an initial consultation at our offices in Central London to think about what help is required. This can be at any stage before, during, or after a divorce or separation.