10th Jun 2014

Marion Korn, author of “When Harry Left Sally” discusses the grey divorce and her new book

– listen in and discover the ongoing transformation in the world of senior divorces

In this episode of our family and divorce law podcast we interview Marion Korn, one of the co-authors of the new book When Harry Left Sally – Finding your way through grey divorce.

Marion talks about the bravery demonstrated by her clients as they face the unique challenges presented by divorce in their 60s and beyond.  She speaks of the optimism to be found in life after divorce and how there is a growing expectation among senior divorcees of being able to move through divorce and into surprising new futures.

You can click on the link to the lift to listen to this fascinating insight into grey divorce and Marion’s book and teaching.  You can also click here to visit Marion’s website or here to order the book from Amazon.

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