31st Mar 2020

Locked in a maze, or just plain stir crazy?

For anyone going through separation and divorce right now, the emotional and financial burdens are likely to be exacerbated with the constrictions placed on families through Covid-19.  The problems of delayed judicial decisions, financial uncertainty and enforced social isolation or proximity can cause immense anxiety and frustration.  Children being unable to see friends, absent parents or grandparents, and adults being unable to call on their own parents or friends, means that the usual social support networks are unavailable at a time of greatest need.  Social media can only go so far in mitigating feelings which are difficult to handle at the best of times, and those feelings can become explosive.

Keep in mind that a sense of being intruded upon or excluded is basic to all small children and we never lose those powerful sensitivities as adults, especially in a couple.  Realising that you and your children may have one or two of these powerful feelings from the past which are triggering similar feelings in the present is important, and can help in the current circumstances.

Rafan House is a long-established psychotherapy clinic with its own highly-qualified clinicians, psychotherapists, counsellors and safeguarding Director.  For those families needing support, Rafan House is offering psychotherapy and counselling for couples, parents and co-parents who are apart.  You can find us on our websites www.rafanhouse.com or www.harleystreetexecutive.com.

Skype, FaceTime, Zoom and telephone consultations are available.  Contact us for more information at reception@rafanhouse.com or 07557209158.

Family Law in Partnership also has their own in-house counsellor, Jo Harrison, who is also happy to undertake any appointments via video conference or over the telephone. For assistance, call us on 020 7420 5000.