07th Apr 2014

James Pirrie wins prestigious family law award

James named winner of John Cornwell Award 2014

Family Law in Partnership is delighted to announce that partner James Pirrie has been named the winner of the John Cornwell Award 2014. The announcement was made at last weekend’s Resolution National Conference.

The John Cornwell Award recognises a Resolution member or group of members who have gone above and beyond the norm in their work to support separating families. John Cornwell, who helped found Resolution the family lawyers group over 30 years ago, posthumously received the inaugural Award in 2013, and it has been named in his honour.

The award recognises those “unsung heroes” who go the extra mile to promote the Resolution Code of Practice and, within that, Resolution’s core values of a non-confrontational approach.

In naming James Pirrie as the winner of the John Cornwell Award 2014 the new Chair of Resolution, Jo Edwards, noted: “This person has been at the forefront of supporting separating families for many years. Thye have helped to pioneer new ways of resolving disputes outside of the courtroom, including collaborative practice and family arbitration. They have led the way in helping lawyers and clients to navigate the child maintenance system. And they were instrumental in developing our work on Parenting After Parting and Family Matters – two great examples of how Resolution values have been translated into practical solutions for parents. Yet this person rarely accepts credit for their often brilliant and always thoughtful contributions. Those who nominated this individual spoke of their selfless, self deprecating nature and their willingness to travel to any corner of the country to impart wisdom, never refusing a request to speak despite the very many calls on their time.”

James is a true innovator in the field of family law. He championed Resolution’s Parenting After Parting initiative and was one of the first lawyers to train as a family arbitrator under the new family arbitration scheme. He has been closely involved in the recent changes to the Child Support Agency (now Child Maintenance Service) and worked on behalf of Resolution on the enforcement orders as part of the President’s project. He is a leading authority on the impact of divorce on university funding and constantly seeks better ways of helping clients to navigate family breakdown. As one of the leading legal directories, Chambers UK 2014, recently noted: “James Pirrie is…. “a trail blazer in dispute resolution and thinking outside the box. He really understands family dynamics””.