14th Dec 2016

Is work working for families? – Watch our new video

In November 2016, our third thought leadership talk looked at the impact of work on family life with a panel of speakers addressing the thorny issue “Is Work Working for Families?” Take a look at the video of the talk.

Our guest speakers included the parenting and child development guru Penelope Leach, Sarah Jackson OBE, chief executive of Working Families, and Sarah Pennells, journalist, broadcaster and founder of SavvyWoman. Our panelists examined the evidence from a range of different perspectives. They considered issues including the stresses that working parents experience and what they strive to achieve, particularly in terms of balancing their working hours with their roles as parents. The low take up of parental leave and the gender pay gap also generated an interesting discussion.

Penelope Leach explained the impact of the attachment theory as it applies to young children. Sarah Jackson OBE suggested that the working week should be shortened to allow working parents to play a more active role in family life. Studies have shown that productivity actually increases as working hours decrease and there was a call for the government to examine the evidence in this regard. Sarah Pennells wanted to ensure that workers without children but with other caring responsibilities were not forgotten in this debate – we should look at the impact of work on families and family responsibilities in its wider sense.

The talk gave rise to plenty of questions and observations from the audience. The role of fathers should not be forgotten in this debate nor should the low level of statutory maternity and paternity pay which encourages many working parents to return to work more quickly than they would otherwise choose.

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