07th Jun 2017

Introducing FLiP Faculty

The launch of FLiP Faculty in February 2017 introduced a range of training courses for family lawyers that get to the heart of what family lawyers really do.

Gillian Bishop, one of the founders of FLiP Faculty explains:

“It has been our dream for many years to make available to the family law community training courses that go to the heart of our work. A very small percentage of our work is pure law. The biggest part is really understanding the soup of relationships; the impact of circumstances on our clients’ ability to listen, to make decisions, to take advice, their self-esteem, their ability to co-parent; the impact on different children in different ways of their parent’s separation. And what do we bring to the party? We are humans too carrying our own stories into the work we do, our own preferences and prejudices, our own values and our own truth. These impact on what we do and how we do it which in turn impact on our clients and their families for the long term. We can all strive to be good family lawyers but these trainings led by FLiP Faculty are designed to make us great family lawyers.”

The FLiP Faculty training courses provide:

  • Deep insights into the psychological aspects of divorce and separation;
  • Practical tips and tools that can be adopted in your practice as lawyer, mediator or arbitrator;
  • Education;
  • Developing reflective practices;
  • Useful tools for really understanding ourselves and how this impacts on our work.

“All family lawyers should attend courses like this which are a highly important aspect of our general practice” Feedback from a family lawyer attending FLiP Faculty training on 19th May 2017. 

FLiP Faculty has been established by Gillian Bishop and Felicity Shedden.

Gillian is a family lawyer, mediator and arbitrator and founder of Family Law in Partnership. Gillian has an underlying belief that the way that people going through divorce and family issues can be supported by the legal sector can be improved. Family Law in Partnership was founded on this belief and has delivered over 20 years’ of support to clients, proving time and again its worth. Gillian is also a regular trainer on courses such as “Deeper Listening”.

Felicity is a family lawyer, mediator and arbitrator as well as a deputy district judge. Felicity ran her own firm and latterly joined Family Law in Partnership as a consultant to allow her more time for her DDJ role. She is also a regular speaker on subjects relating to dispute resolution and is a key speaker for the Parenting Coordinator course being launched in the UK by FLiP Faculty.

For more information about FLiP Faculty and the courses available to family practitioners, visit the website at www.flipfaculty.org