15th Jul 2016

International family law – David Allison comments on Estrada/Juffali divorce

International family lawyer David Allison’s comments on the high profile Estrada/Juffali divorce have appeared in the leading Arab news service, Al Arabiya.

The divorce settlement in favour of Christina Estrada (£53 million together with an additional £22 million of assets already in her name) is the biggest in the English courts to date.

The article by Al Arabiya “Ex model’s £53m divorce from Saudi raises race, gender concerns in the UK” focused on whether the divorce settlement handed down by Mrs Justice Roberts was affected by issues of race or gender. Family Law in Partnership director David Allison commented that while the nationality of the parties would not have been a factor it may have been that the husband’s behaviour in divorcing Ms Estrada without her knowledge coloured the judge’s view of him – “This should not have impacted on a needs-based assessment but it would not have helped Juffali’s case” commented David.

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