29th Nov 2022

Good Divorce Week 2022: Language Matters

Good Divorce Week 2022: Language Matters


The words we use shape our mindsets which in turn affect how we think and behave.

For years the language of divorce and separation has, for many, heightened conflict between couples, causing difficulties for on-going parenting relationships.

That’s why, during Good Divorce Week, we celebrate the insightful work of the Family Solutions Group in their Language Matters initiative. They have carried out a careful review of the language used around divorce and separation looking at the language of family law professionals, the language of the family courts and the language used by families, children and the wider public, including the media.

They have suggested improvements that we can all make to the language that we use for separating families. You can read their detailed report here.

This week we will release a survey across FLiP’s social media accounts to gather views on the changes proposed by the Family Solutions Group. We would encourage all family law professionals to complete the survey.

Language really does matter for separating families and we must all address the language that we use to help couples to achieve a Good Divorce.