01st Mar 2023

Glossary of Family Law Terms

Glossary of Family Law Terms


The vocabulary used by family lawyers, particularly the legal jargon, can be quite difficult to decipher. Some of the language can become particularly difficult to navigate when court proceedings are on-going whether that be in financial proceedings or Children Act proceedings.

Our hope is that increasingly the family law world will move away from using legal jargon and will use plain English. This is one of the aims of the Language Matters campaign launched by the Family Solutions Group with the support of The President of the Family Division, a campaign which FLiP wholeheartedly endorse. See here for more information.

In the meantime, FLiP have produced a glossary of terms to help individuals involved in family law proceedings to understand the meaning of some of the commonly used family law terms.

View our glossary here and below.

We hope that it is useful.

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