FLiP Settle: Illustrations


Here are some examples of how FLiP Settle can support separating couples:

  • Fehinti and Jim

Fehinti and Jim had decided to separate. It made financial sense for them both to stay in the family home until arrangements had been made between them. However, whilst it made sense financially, it was incredibly difficult emotionally for both of them and it was starting to have a detrimental impact on the way they related to each other. They were also concerned about how the tensions in their relationship were affecting their children.  They needed support in the legal and practical aspects to work out a financial settlement efficiently and fairly; but they also needed support for their own relationship and their relationship with the children as they entered into this difficult phase. With support on the relationship side, they were able to agree on ground rules with each other and to address some of the tensions between them. The input in the two different areas enabled them to feel supported and reassured as they worked through the process. They saw this as an investment in their future relationship together as co-parents.

  • Rebecca and Mario

Rebecca and Mario thought that agreeing on how their finances were to be split would be relatively straightforward.  However, the process was de-railed because it transpired that Mario had inherited £75,000 during the marriage and had not told Rebecca about this. The couple paused their financial discussions to spend two sessions with the therapist to talk through the issues; not to rebuild the marriage but to build the trust necessary to engage again with the financial process and in the longer term to build enough trust to enable them to both co-parent their children.

  • Andrew and David

Although Andrew and David had agreed the split of capital between them as part of their separation, and the principle that short term maintenance would be paid to David, they couldn’t agree on the timing.  Andrew had always planned to retire early, and David needed 5 years to establish his business and financial independence.  An arbitrator made an award on the duration of the maintenance payments, which was then made into a court order.

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