02nd Aug 2022

FLiP Respond to Child Maintenance Consultation July 2022

FLiP Respond to Child Maintenance Consultation July 2022

FLiP have submitted an official response to the DWP’s consultation paper, Child Maintenance: Improving our legal enforcement powers. Director James Pirrie is a leading expert on child maintenance issues and James made a joint response with Michelle Counley, director of the National Association of Child Support Action.

The consultation itself focused on the curfew orders and whether the power to impose curfew orders should be extended. James and Michelle argued that consideration of the extension of these powers should begin with a careful analysis of the enforcement statistics and an examination of the circumstances in which any increased powers should be used.

Reference was made to the recommendations made by FLiP and NACSA in response to the June 2021 consultation on child maintenance which argued for:

  • Stronger dialogue
  • Earlier engagement
  • Processes that promote the resolution of disputes
  • A stronger focus on children and the separated parenting relationship.

FLiP has always been known for innovation and engagement in shaping family law for the benefit of clients. We are keen to see the results of our latest recommendations.