14th Apr 2021

FLiP launches Wellbeing Hub

FLiP launches Wellbeing Hub


At FLiP we pride ourselves in offering our clients something a little different. That is why we have developed a wellbeing hub to provide our clients with support and a space for quiet reflection whenever they need it.

Going through a divorce or separation is so much more than a legal process. We know from experience that our clients need not only expert legal advice but also family law specialists who have a deep understanding of the psychological and emotional impact of divorce or separation.

Our wellbeing hub offers clients a wide range of support including:

  • Access to our experienced team of therapists and counsellors;
  • Referrals to our network of trusted advisers including psychotherapists and psychologists;
  • Invitations to our thinking events;
  • Specialist support for parents including our in-house Parenting After Parting programme;
  • The reflections on divorce or separation of former clients wrapped up into our Divorce Diaries; and
  • Trained parenting coordinators.

As a firm, we have pioneered the role of wellbeing at the heart of the divorce and separation process. When FLiP was established, over 25 years ago, it was the first firm to bring together family lawyers with mediators and in-house counsellors to provide clients with a truly holistic approach to their family law issues.

Our family law professionals are trained to think more broadly about the wider impact of family breakdown, drawing on the psychological insights of our team of therapists and counsellors to guide their work. Our lawyers also benefit from an in-house supervision programme. The awards and external recognition that we have received are testament to our success in embedding wellbeing into the culture of FLiP.

To learn more about our wellbeing hub, visit our dedicated website page here.

To find out how FLiP’s family law professionals can support you through your divorce or separation contact us at E: hello@flip.co.uk or T: 020 7420 5000