26th Jul 2023

FLiP Director James Pirrie featured in the Financial Times

FLiP Director James Pirrie featured in the FT Wealth: Special Report


FLiP Director James Pirrie is quoted in FT Wealth: July (Special Report), in the article “Why do the wealthy escalate disputes beyond comprehension?” (13 July 2023, Rhymer Rigby). The article (found here) looks at whether the unlimited funds which the UHNW enjoy means that they can dig in further in disputes.

The article offers examples of wealthy people escalating seemingly trivial disputes beyond all comprehension and spending a fortune in doing so.

FLiP Director James Pirrie, who is referred to as a specialist in high-net-worth divorce and mediation at Family Law in Partnership, is quoted as saying the escalatory issues often continue if you take a legal route. “The problem with law is that it doesn’t really deal with emotions, or the motivations. It just trumpets what your conclusions are.” This means the parties fail to understand what would solve the problem, he says. “You completely fail to understand what’s motivating you to have this passionate sense of what you should be doing, or that someone’s invaded your three inches of turf. All that the law does is convert your motivation into a completely different language, that of law — rights and entitlements and obligations.”

This is why at FLiP we take a unique approach to family law, balancing our exceptional legal expertise with care and compassion, delivering intelligent and creative solutions while carefully managing any emotional impact.

While the ending of a relationship may be focused on the legal process and practical issues, it is also a very personal matter, and one that can be deeply unsettling. It is a time when decisions made in the heat of the moment can have consequences that affect individuals and families for years to come. Creating the time and space for carefully thought through and considered decisions can have long term benefits, including in managing the costs involved.

At FLiP we have a team of in-house specialists with a wealth of experience in helping couples improve their relationships, whether they are together or separating or separated. Our team offers a place to reflect on relationship issues in a confidential and stigma-free way.

Find out more about how our talented team of family law specialists can help you to resolve your family law matters below.