16th Jun 2022

Five Arguments All Couples (Need To) Have: And Why The Washing Up Matters – Essential Reading!

Five Arguments All Couples (Need To) Have: And Why The Washing Up Matters – Essential Reading!

The FLiP team are so proud of our colleague Jo Harrison [on Twitter use @JoCoupleTherapy] whose book Five Arguments All Couples (Need To) Have and Why the Washing Up Matters comes out on 1st September and is now available to pre-order here.

Congratulations Jo, what an achievement!

Her book, grounded in her experience as a couple therapist and former divorce lawyer, asks us to think about the difficulties couples often have in their relationships – from how they communicate to what roles they take on and much more (including difficulties about the washing up!). Using sound advice and relatable case studies, she offers practical ideas and imaginative ways to think about ourselves and our partners. She thinks about when couples might end relationships and how they might seek out help if needed. For parents there is thinking about the pressures becoming parents can put on relationships, and why it’s important to work at resolving issues in order to create a better climate for children to grow up in. Kind, funny and rooted in real life, this is expert advice that anyone can use – and that everyone in a relationship needs.

Jo Harrison is FLiP’s in-house relationship therapist. She is very experienced in working with individuals and couples, including partners who are separating. Jo has featured in The Times and The Saturday Times talking about the value of couple therapy and she has made appearances on ITV’s This Morning (the Relationship Clinic) and Marina Fogle’s The Parent Hood.

To speak to a member of our expert team, or to find out more about Jo and how she and our support services can help you, visit Jo’s website profile here.