07th Jan 2014

Finish your family law case in a quarter of the time?

– Ministry of Justice reveals surprising statistics that suggest how it can be done

The Ministry of Justice have revealed that the average time it takes to settle family law disputes, such as divorce or parenting issues, is dramatically slashed when couples use mediation processes instead of the court.

“The average time for a mediated case is 110 days,” proclaims their press release found here “compared to 435 days for non-mediated cases.”

That is about a quarter of the time that couples and their families would have otherwise spent sending and receiving solicitors letters, making court applications, writing statements and, when required, appearing in the front of the Judge and even being cross-examined.

The costs, albeit calculated on Government’s legal aid figures, are also said to be a fraction of what they would otherwise be.  The Ministry suggests that one eighth of the cost of running one partner’s case through court was all that was required, for both parties, to settle the case using mediation.

While there will be many arguments against the detail of the Government’s figures and their motivation for putting this press release out it would seem to be undeniable that using mediation saves couples’ time and money. The majority of clients state that they want to get things sorted out and to move on.  For them, these statistics should be a real encouragement.

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Also note that legal aid might still be available to help you meet the costs of mediation.  Ask us for more details.