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No-one wants to consult a divorce lawyer. But not all divorce lawyers are the same.

At Family Law in Partnership, we understand that divorce and separation can be incredibly difficult. We want to help, and we pride ourselves in doing things differently. We recognise the trust that clients place in us and approach our work with heart, care and compassion.

We have an award-winning team of specialist family lawyers, arbitrators, family mediators and divorce consultants who provide exceptional advice on all family law issues. Whether you want someone with you every step of the way, or prefer advice as and when you need it, we can assist.

We have extensive experience of acting for national and international clients from all walks of life. Whether you are a High Net Worth, or Ultra High Net Worth, individual with complex business and trust assets; an individual with complicated international connections; or someone who is simply looking for the very best family law advice, we will guide and protect you through every turn.

Reaching an agreement on financial matters can be complicated. Our lawyers regularly advise on cases involving financial complexity including those with hidden assets, family companies and trust structures. We can also help with pre-nuptial and postnuptial agreements. And we advise couples who separate after cohabiting or those whose civil partnership has broken down. Our expertise in these areas is second to none.

Sometimes going to court is the only option but there are many other services we offer, such as solicitor-led negotiation, collaborative law, family mediation and arbitration. We pride ourselves in being settlement focused.

At the heart of everything that we do is a desire to use our depth and breadth of expertise to provide tailored solutions which deliver the very best outcomes for our clients.

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FLiP: the firm of choice for constructive and intelligent divorce →

Choosing a family lawyer to guide your through your divorce or separation can be a difficult task. There are so many firms to choose from and they have so many different areas of expertise. You may know friends who have been through a divorce who can provide a recommendation. But if you are starting out with a blank piece of paper, what should you be looking for?

At FLiP we recognise that divorce and separation can be notoriously difficult to navigate both on a practical level, throughout the legal process, and emotionally too. That’s why our talented team of family law specialists works side by side with our in-house divorce consultants and relationship therapists who are highly experienced and clinically trained to support you before, during and after separation. They can work with you throughout the divorce and separation process as part of your dedicated team. They will offer reassurance and support, guiding you through the process.

If you are looking for a top tier family law firm, with a settlement focused approach, backed by a team of leading divorce and family lawyers, look no further than Family Law in Partnership.

Technical & Expert →

Before reaching agreements that are likely to have long-lasting consequences for you and your family, you must fully understand your rights and entitlements. Your family lawyers must equip you to make the best possible decisions.

At Family Law in Partnership we will work in partnership with you to identify your options and help you to make informed decisions about the best way forward. We have some of the very best London divorce lawyers, collaborative lawyers and family mediators, along with accomplished family arbitrators and divorce consultants.

We are well known for our experience in working on complex international family law cases, but we also advise across the whole spectrum of issues that couples face, whether at the start of their relationship where we advise on prenuptial and cohabitation agreements, to those they may face at the end of their relationship. There’s no one better to handle your case.

“I received an excellent level of service from FLiP” Former client.

Understanding & Cost Conscious →

A top divorce lawyer will take the time to understand your needs and concerns including the overall approach you would like to take, the pace at which matters should be moved forward and any cost issues.

At Family Law in Partnership, we are flexible and will move as quickly or slowly as you require. If you prefer to adopt a more DIY style of divorce, we can support you with advice as and when required. We also have fixed price structures to enable you to access our expert team of family lawyers with confidence, and we will meet or speak for free and without obligation to see if there is a ‘good fit’.

Find our more about our fee arrangements here.

“I cannot imagine being better looked after anywhere else” Former client.

Depth & Breadth of Expertise →

At Family Law in Partnership, we offer expertise across the full range of dispute resolution options including litigation, arbitration, mediation, solicitor led negotiation and the collaborative practice. This means that we can find the very best approach to suit your needs.

Most of our professionals are multi-qualified (as family lawyers, family mediators and collaborative practitioners) and are committed to helping you assess the approach that will best deliver your objectives.

“Client service, responsiveness and efficiency all outstanding” Former client.

Deep Skill Base →

Expert litigation skills lie at the core of what we do – it is against this backdrop that we assess whether there is a better way forward for your case.

At Family Law in Partnership our skills both in court and out of court are unparalleled. We introduced collaborative practice into the UK and we have more family arbitrators, family mediators and divorce consultants than any other law-practice in London. We have been ranked as a tier one family mediation specialist by the leading law directory, The Legal 500 UK, since they introduced this category.

“I would recommend wholeheartedly” Former client.

Trusted Adviser Network →

Divorce and separation often reaches into every aspect of our increasingly complex lives. As such it is important that your family lawyers and solicitors can draw on the advice of a wide and diverse network of trusted advisers.

At Family Law in Partnership we give the highest priority to our relationships with the best experts in allied professions ensuring that they are able to give their best to our clients. Over the years we have developed contacts with top class specialists both at home and abroad. We call this our trusted adviser network. We can draw on this deep resource of talent to support you with whatever assistance you may need.

Our directors have spent countless years sitting on the board of the national family lawyers organisation, Resolution. Three of our lawyers are members of the International Academy of Family Lawyers and we had the first European board member of the International Academy of Collaborative Practitioners. Our Head of Mediation, Dominic Raeside, was for many years the Mediator Member of the prestigious Family Justice Council.

Peer Recognition →

Independent peer recognition is often a strong indicator of reputation and expertise.

Over the years both the firm and individual team members at Family Law in Partnership have been recognised by their peers as top divorce lawyers. The firm was named the winner of Family Law Firm of the Year in the inaugural Family Law Awards. Director James Pirrie was named the winner of Resolution’s inaugural John Cornwell Award, with director Bradley Williams named Family Lawyer of the Year in the first Spear’s Young Turks Awards.

Our excellence in client service has been recognised by the highly regarded publication, Legal Business, which named FLiP as a leader for client service – “Client Service Uncovered: The Best Rated Firms” (7th April 2020). The Times has also ranked FLiP as one of The Best Law Firms since its guide was introduced in 2019.

Innovative and pioneering, Family Law in Partnership leads the way in developing best practice in family law.

“Outstanding service” Former client.

What We Do →

  • Divorce and, in the case of civil partnership, dissolution
  • Financial consequences of divorce and separation
  • Child arrangements and parenting issues
  • International divorce and family issues
  • Separation of unmarried couples
  • Pre-marriage agreements (prenups), post nups and cohabitation/relationship agreements
  • Issues specific to same sex relationships
  • Abuse in relationships
  • Variation of maintenance orders
  • Child support (CMS, CSA, university fees issues)

How We Do It →

  • Litigation – litigation may be the best option to resolve the issues in your case. We have a depth and breadth of expertise in pursuing your case through the courts or with the Child Maintenance Service. Find out more about our litigation services.
  • Lawyer-led negotiation – our negotiation skills are second to none, informed by our wide-ranging expertise in the full range of dispute resolution options.
  • Family arbitration – with four family arbitrators among its specialists, Family Law in Partnership has carried out more arbitrations than any other firm. Find out more about our arbitration services.
  • Collaborative practice – Family Law in Partnership is the market leader in collaborative practice having introduced it to the UK some years ago. Find out more about our collaborative practice services.
  • Family Mediation – we are acknowledged experts in family mediation at Family Law in Partnership with more in-house mediators than any other law firm. Find out more about our mediation services.
  • Supporting DIY – our flexibility is reflected in our approach to DIY divorce. We can provide as much or as little assistance as you require as and when you need it.
  • Divorce Consultancy – at Family Law in Partnership we were the first to integrate therapeutic support into the legal process. Find out more about our divorce consultancy services.
  • We also offer new services such as FLiP Settle and FLiP Together where couples can work together with a specialist FLiP team to support them in resolving the family issues that they face.

“I had total confidence in my lawyer”, Former client.

Free Guides to Help You →

We have developed a range of free resources to guide you through the issues you may face. They include:

  1. Our Family Law Guide which will provide an indication of the main issues that you may face. Click here to access the Guide.
  2. Free publications including:

This handbook offers a step by step guide to the divorce process and an explanation of what to expect.

This handbook offers practical support across seven aspects of relationship breakdown.

A practical guide to the collaborative approach to divorce.

A comprehensive guide on the law for separating couples who have lived together and are making financial claims for their children.

Contact Us →

Please contact our team of top London divorce lawyers, family mediators, arbitrators and divorce consultants to discuss how we can help you.

Call us: 020 7420 5000


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We would like to work with you to achieve a constructive divorce or separation. However, we do not offer publicly funded (legal aid) services and we do not undertake public law children work (ie. proceedings between you and your family members against the local authority or social services).