16th Mar 2015

Family Law in Partnership launches crunch-point mediation service

Family Law in Partnership has launched a new mediation service, crunch-point mediation. This service is intended for disputes which have reached a crunch-point when everyone knows the case should settle but cannot see how it can settle. Crucially it anticipates the parties attending with their lawyers.

“This model of mediation offers an earlier opportunity to hear clearly from a neutral source more of the other person’s narrative and thus become more alive to the risks of litigation and the benefits of finding a different package for settlement” Director James Pirrie.

The goal is to reach written heads of agreement covering all the issues in dispute in a one day session and to provide a binding agreement. “It is all too easy for parties to miss those key moments when there is on each side a matched, albeit underlying, appetite for settlement” Director David Allison.

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Crunch-point mediation: unlocking your disputes

Crunch-point mediation: working together to unlock disputes