04th Mar 2014

Family Law in Partnership featured in The Guardian

“Breaking up is hard to do… but it needn’t be!” by Family Law in Partnership

Family Law in Partnership featured in The Guardian’s supplement, 2.4 Children, on 22nd February 2014. In a piece titled “Breaking up is hard to do…but it needn’t be!” partner James Pirrie of Family Law in Partnership wrote about the challenges and changes on the emotional, practical and financial fronts that families face when confronted with family breakdown.

James outlined the messages that children need from their parents during divorce and separation and recommended that parents come up with a plan to build a successful separation. Managing the separation and the children’s upbringing, he suggested, will help to alleviate the damage that a poorly managed separation can bring. James examined a range of issues including safety, informing the child and staging the separation as steps to achieving a good solution.

For further information on James’s article or to find out more about how James can help you through family breakdown, please email James at jp@flip.co.uk or call Family Law in Partnership on 020 7420 5000.