26th Apr 2024

Family Court Fees Are Set To Rise

Family Court Fees Are Set To Rise


Stephanie Dodman, Paralegal at Family Law in Partnership, reminds us of the family court fees which are due to rise from next month, May 2024, following a decision made by the MoJ last year. 

In November 2023 the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) published a consultation paper ‘Implementing increases to selected court and tribunal fees’ proposing up to a 10% increase on selected court and tribunal fees. More recently the MoJ has confirmed that these fee increases will be implemented and will take effect as of May 2024.

The MoJ stated in the consultation paper that ‘implementing increases to court and tribunal fees is vital to our ongoing work to protect access to the courts for all those who seek justice’. The MoJ’s purpose and aim of these rises are to ensure that the courts are properly resourced, and it is estimated that this increase will generate between ‘£34 million and £42 million per annum in additional funding’.

The prospective changes will include changes to the cost of obtaining financial orders upon divorce and child arrangement orders. The only court fee that is not being increased is the fee for divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership. Several respondents raised concerns about increasing this fee during the consultation period. Some respondents felt that the fee was ‘already too high’ and that the £593 was likely ‘disproportionate to the underlying service cost’ on the basis that the system has been simplified through the online service. The MoJ have taken on board these concerns and confirmed that the fee will remain at £593.00.

Below is a breakdown of some of these increases:

Description Current fee Proposed fee
Application for a financial order (other than consent order) £275 £303
Application for decree nisi, conditional order, separation order (no fee if undefended) £54 £59
Application under the Children Act 1989 £232 £255
Financial provision for children under Schedule 1 of the Children Act 1989 £232 £255
Application (without notice) £53 £58
Application (on notice) (unless otherwise listed) £167 £184


A full list of the increases can be found here: Annex B – List of fee changes.

Stephanie is a paralegal at Family Law in Partnership. She provides support to both the lawyers and the legal assistants at the firm. She acts as the central liaison with the Courts and is able to attend Court and tribunals on behalf of clients. 

Stephanie attends client meetings and conferences with counsel when required, and carries out specific research tasks on behalf of the lawyers.

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