05th Jul 2017

Dominic Raeside appointed to the Pensions Advisory Group

We are delighted to announce that Dominic Raeside, Head of Mediation at Family Law in Partnership, has been appointed to the Pensions Advisory Group (the “Group”).

The Group is chaired by Mr Justice Francis and His Honour Judge Edward Hess. The aim of the Group is to conduct an interdisciplinary review of how pensions are treated on divorce with a view to producing a Family Justice Council pension guide for the profession and divorcing public. It is hoped that this may encourage a consistency of approach by explaining the current law and facilitating best practice. It is intended that a final report and guide will be available by December 2018.

The Group comprises a multidisciplinary group of judges, academics, actuaries, financial experts, family and pension lawyers drawn from each branch of the legal profession. Dominic Raeside is the family mediator representative of the Group. Dominic is also the mediation member of the Family Justice Council.

The first meeting of the Group was held in June 2017 and the Group aims to conclude its work by the end of 2018.