05th Apr 2024

Divorce: Tips to Survive the Process

Divorce: Tips to Survive the Process


Everyone’s experience of divorce and separation is unique and deeply personal. However there are often mutually shared feelings and threads which come up for our clients time and time again.

FLiP’s Divorce Diaries come from some of our former clients who have been generous enough to write about their own experiences of divorce or separation. Through the same, tips on how to “survive” are shared and in times of turmoil, sometimes this is the light that needs to be seen in order to push through.

Below are some helpful tips to help you get through your divorce or separation.

To view more divorce diaries, visit FLiP’s collection of Divorce Diaries linked at the bottom of this page.

divorce survive the process

At Family Law in Partnership our aim is to make the experience of family change better so that our clients can successfully move forward with their lives. We are expert family and divorce lawyers but we also make it our job to understand the emotional impact of divorce and separation on you and your family.

For further information on our unique approach to helping couples through family breakdown, contact any of our leading divorce and family lawyers at E: hello@flip.co.uk or T: 020 7420 5000.