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At Family Law in Partnership we approach divorce and separation with integrity and understanding. Our family law experts balance our exceptional legal expertise with care and compassion, allowing us to deliver tailored solutions that benefit you while carefully managing any emotional impact.

Whatever the complexities you face, our family law specialists will guide you through the whole process with confidence and reassurance – always in partnership.

Our Expertise in Divorce & Separation →

The issues associated with a divorce and separation may range from those involving any children you may have to dividing up your assets. Our family law specialists will work in partnership with you to do everything we can to keep the emotional and financial cost to a minimum whilst helping you to obtain a fair and just solution, and an amicable outcome. 

Our experienced divorce and family lawyers offer a truly holistic approach with exceptional family law advice and representation on all issues including:

Our Support Services During Divorce & Separation →

We understand the difficulties that the end of a relationship can bring and the challenges of an uncertain future. That is why we have developed a wellbeing hub, offering emotional and practical support to guide you through the complexities and circumstances that you may face.  Our support includes:

  • Divorce Consultancy and Therapeutic Support
  • Parenting After Parting courses
  • Our Divorce Diaries
  • Invitations to our thought leadership talks

To find out more about the range of support that we offer, please click here.

Our Fees →

We offer a range of fee options including fixed fee arrangements. Rest assured that our experienced divorce and family lawyers will support you with legal advice of the highest quality, delivered with empathy and care, regardless of the pricing arrangement that we agree between us.

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No Fault Divorce →

No Fault Divorce is now available for couples to use.  Here is a summary of the changes that have been introduced:


No Fault Divorce updates the language of divorce:

  • A Divorce Petition becomes an Application for a Divorce Order
  • The Petition becomes The Application
  • A Decree Nisi (the first decree of divorce) becomes a Conditional Order
  • A Decree Absolute (the final decree of divorce) becomes a Final Divorce Order
  • A Petitioner becomes the Applicant. Where there is a joint application both parties will be The Applicants

12 Month Rule

The rule preventing a couple from divorcing within one year from the date of their marriage will remain. Couples will continue to be able to apply for a Judicial Separation – which will mean that some of the financial issues can be resolved even though the couple will remain married.

Online Applications

An application for a Divorce Order using the “No Fault Divorce” route should be made using the new online No Fault Divorce portal.

Joint Applications

For the first time it will be possible for couples to make a joint application for divorce. Sole applications will also continue to be available.

Defended Divorce

It will no longer be possible for one party to defend the divorce. It will be possible to ‘challenge’ the divorce on limited grounds including lack of jurisdiction, validity of the marriage, fraud and procedural compliance.

Irretrievable Breakdown

The sole ground for divorce will continue to apply and under the new law, applicants will provide a statement of ‘Irretrievable Breakdown’ of the marriage. However, in a change from the previous  procedure, the five facts that were required to be proved (adultery, behaviour, desertion, two years separation (with consent) and five years’ separation (without consent)) will no longer be relevant.

Two Stage Process

The divorce process is in two stages, with a couple first receiving a Conditional Order and then six weeks from that date, a Final Order.

A specific ‘cooling off’ period of 20 weeks will be introduced by the new law, so that the Applicant(s) will not be able to confirm that they wish to proceed and apply for the Conditional Order before the expiration of 20 weeks from the start of the proceedings.

The whole process cannot be completed before the expiration of 26 weeks from start to finish.

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We have some of the very best London divorce lawyers and mediators, along with accomplished arbitrators, family consultants and counsellors. There’s no one better to handle your case.

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