26th Mar 2024

Divorce Out of Court: Amicable Divorce Network Bootcamp Ft. Helen Greenfield

Divorce Out of Court: Amicable Divorce Network Bootcamp Ft. FLiP’s Helen Greenfield


On Friday 12th April 2024, the Amicable Divorce Network (ADN) will host a Divorce Out of Court Bootcamp. FLiP Director and Mediator Helen Greenfield will join the panel discussion looking at how to make family mediation a more collaborative process in the context of resolving complex issues. Helen is a Founding Member of the ADN for the United Kingdom.

The Bootcamp will examine other topics including how to use arbitration to resolve differences; how to be an amicable advocate; and collaborating with other professionals to achieve the best results possible.

You can register for the event here. Registrants can use code OFW20 for 20% off.

The Amicable Divorce Network (ADN) is a carefully selected group of family law professionals dedicated to helping families to navigate divorce through a modern, civilized, transparent and cost-effective means away, where possible and appropriate, from the court arena.

Helen Greenfield is a Director at Family Law in Partnership. Helen advises on all matters relating to family breakdown, divorce and cohabitation. She has a particular interest in helping those who have been affected by domestic abuse.

As a mediator, Helen aims to promote constructive dialogue, reduce conflict, and minimise the emotional and financial strain associated with the more acrimonious processes.

You can find out more about FLiP’s distinctive approach to resolving family law matters here. You can also find Helen’s contact details below.