Jamal – My Divorce Story

Jamal and his wife had been married for seven years when they decided to divorce. They didn’t have children.

What I wish I had known:

That while at the time I felt very alone, there were actually so many other people I didn’t realise had been through something similar.

The low point:

This would have been the time I spent in limbo in terms of my living arrangements. I was back and forth, with friends, and having to plan and work around all of this.

The certainty I did the right thing:

The fact that I am newly married now, and in a state of happiness I’d never even known of before.

The one thing I would do differently:

I’m not sure that I have an answer for this. My ex and I tried to make sure that we could go through the process with the minimum of conflict and disagreement. I was careful to be as sensitive as I could be, and I’m not sure that there was anything more either of us could have done to improve the situation and process.