Denise – My Divorce Story

Denise and her husband divorced after six years of marriage. They had no children and Denise had continued to work during the marriage. 

What I wish I’d known:

I wish I hadn’t put my family’s happiness before my own. But I guess I wasn’t courageous enough or perhaps I just didn’t want to disappoint my family’s expectations. In fact we have got only one life to live and we must do anything that is in our power to be happy. And we shouldn’t let our family decide what is best for us, since it is only experience that can teach us and direct us towards our happiness.

The low point:

The hardest part was that I ended up hurting someone (my ex husband) who didn’t deserved to be hurt at all. But I wasn’t happy, it wasn’t what I wanted for myself. I do still feel sorry for the pain I have caused.

The certainty that I did the right thing:

I am certain that I did the right thing because now I do feel way happier. Life isn’t perfect but despite other problems I have been facing I feel way happier today than yesterday. I now just do anything I want, after having cut almost all ties from my controlling mother. Today I have found my own self and I am happy with the person I am and with the man I am now married to. Everyday I build my life the way I want it.

What I would do differently:

I would have tried to communicate in a more gentle manner with my ex husband. He was just trying to help back in the days, but the whole “marriage therapy” just made me to be more aggressive and anxious.