28th Mar 2018

Director James Pirrie co-author of First Directions Appointments Guidance Note

By James Pirrie

We are delighted to announce that director James Pirrie of Family Law in Partnership has written, along with Andrew Newbury, Resolution’s Guidance Note on First Directions Appointments. As Resolution comments, this Guidance Note provides “everything that you need to know in the run up to a First Directions Appointment”.

The guide is an important tool for family law practitioners in promoting effective management of clients’ cases. It considers the role of the legal adviser, it assesses the function of the directions appointment and provides a stage by stage analysis as to the various components of the directions appointment, identifying tips and traps. As David Burrows of D B Family Law notes in his review of the Guidance Note, it “provides welcome help from two well-respected lawyers….(and) provides much more than help only on FDAs“.

James Pirrie is a leading family law expert. He specialises in complex financial issues and non-adversarial and cost effective approaches to divorce and separation including mediation, arbitration and collaborative law. He helps clients take control of the issues that affect them, clarifying priorities, exploring all the options and identifying the best way forward. For further information contact James at T: 020 7420 5000 or E: jp@flip.co.uk.