05th Dec 2023

FLiP’s David Allison Quoted in The Financial Times

FLiP’s David Allison Quoted in The FT: “Divorce: do the numbers still add up?”


We were pleased to see FLiP Director David Allison quoted in The Financial Times by Martha Muir in the article, “Divorce: do the numbers still add up?”. You can find a copy of the article here (subscription needed).

In the article, David speaks about the changing outlook for couples who choose to live together rather than marry, commonly known as cohabitants. There are an estimated 3.6 million cohabiting couples in the UK – an increase of 144% since 1996.

There have been calls for reform in the past few years seeking a degree of financial relief for separating couples if they separate. David highlights that the level of relief would need to be carefully considered taking into account factors such as the length of the relationship, whether there are any children of the relationship and whether any financial sacrifices have been made. David comments: “I suspect it will be about whether somebody has made a gain or loss out of being in the relationship,” he says. “That’s fairly common if there’s one person who went to work and earned a lot of money and knew there was someone at home making sure dinner’s ready.”

David has recently written a blog on what Labour’s Common Law Marriage pledge might mean for cohabiting couples. You can read more here.

David Allison is a director at Family Law in Partnership. David specialises in financial claims on divorce, especially divorce cases with an international element. He has extensive experience in the legal issues relating to cohabitants, same sex couples, and civil partners.

If your relationship breaks down and you were not married or in a civil partnership, the legal issues you face may be complex. Our talented team of family lawyers has a wealth of experience in navigating this area of family law.