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At FLiP we take a unique approach to family law. We combine the exceptional expertise of our lawyers, mediators and arbitrators with the support of our specialist divorce consultants and relationship therapists to offer insight and understanding which is second to none.

Our in-house specialists have a depth and breadth of experience in helping individuals and couples to improve their relationships, whether they are together, separating or separated. They offer a place to reflect on relationship issues in a confidential and stigma-free way.

You needn’t tackle this alone. Navigate every turn with us, in partnership.

Our Expertise →

Divorce and separation are notoriously difficult to navigate emotionally. That’s why we have specialist divorce consultants and relationship therapists who are highly experienced and clinically trained to support you before, during and after separation.

Jo Harrison and Andrew Pearce work in-house as our dedicated divorce consultants, and individual and relationship therapists. Others might label what they do as a “divorce coach” or “counselling”. But we believe what they offer is unique.

Jo and Andrew are both highly qualified in the psychological and therapeutic fields, as well as having extensive experience of working with and supporting individuals and couples therapeutically, including those who are separating. Jo was an experienced family lawyer working at leading family law firms before retraining as a couple therapist. As such, she has a deep understanding of the challenges that individuals face when navigating the legal process. Andrew also has a unique perspective on the impact of family separation having worked as a UKCP registered psychotherapist and clinical supervisor in the landscape of divorce and separation for over 25 years. Together Jo and Andrew offer a bespoke and therapeutically informed approach to address issues affecting individuals, couples, children and the relationship, as a whole.

An amicable divorce might not always be possible, but an amicable outcome is achievable. This is so important where children are concerned as some kind of ongoing relationship will be needed, not only to manage practicalities and share in events and celebrations together, but also, and crucially, so that children have parents who get on (which we know is good for their mental health) and who can think together about what is best for them. This supports children.

How Can Our Consultants Help You? →

Jo and Andrew draw on their experience and skills to support clients at any point and on any topic. Their work includes:

Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements

If you are considering entering into a pre-nuptial or a post-nuptial agreement, Jo and Andrew offer a space to reflect on the emotional repercussions of these arrangements, as you move through the legal process.

Divorce & Separation

Jo and Andrew can work by your side throughout the divorce and separation process as part of your dedicated team. They will offer reassurance and support, guiding you through the process. They can also make referrals, if needed. Working in partnership with you, Jo and Andrew will draw on their clinical skills and expertise to offer therapeutically informed support at every turn.

  1. Contemplation

Deciding to separate can feel like a huge decision. Many people consider it for a very long time before deciding to act. It can be difficult to talk to family and friends who may have a biased view.

Discussing your thoughts, feelings and options with someone who is truly objective can be enormously helpful to clarify your thoughts. Talking to our professionals can help you to come to terms with the changes that you may be facing and the tough decisions that lie ahead, allowing you to regain your equilibrium and enabling you to make good long-term decisions.

  1. Process

The separation and divorce process can be emotionally arduous. Often there are sticking points to resolve and sometimes the behaviour of a partner that was a factor in the separation becomes even more difficult to handle even if you are now living at separate addresses. You might be about to start mediation, or you may be preparing for a court appearance. Preparing yourself for what is to come and working to de-escalate and contain powerful emotions is not only better for all concerned but it can help to make the process smoother and less confrontational. This in turn might help you to save money too.

  1. Moving forward

Jo and Andrew can work with you as you take time to reflect on the factors that may have contributed to the ending of the relationship. They will help you to draw out the learnings and, most importantly, identify how to avoid replicating these factors in any future relationships.

They can also help in managing the challenges involved in the transition from being in a relationship together to being in a relationship where you are now a co-parent.

Support for children

Children and young people are often deeply affected by family separation and may need support of their own. We are expert in helping parents to find appropriate support for their children and have a wide network of specialist colleagues whom we can recommend.

Next Steps →

Many clients find that the emotional support and reassurance which our specialists offer can really help them through the difficulties of divorce and separation.

If you are interested in finding out more about these services, we would suggest meeting for an initial consultation to talk about how we might work together.

For further information, contact Wendy Hoare on E: wh@flip.co.uk or T: 020 7420 5000.

Our Divorce Consultants and Relationship Therapists


We have a specialist team of divorce consultants and relationship therapists who can work with you either alone or with your partner in a confidential and supportive way.


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