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When parents separate, it’s more important than ever to parent together. We know that co-parenting can be hard, particularly when you are going through divorce and separation. Our Parenting After Parting workshops are designed to help you through the challenges you may face. 

Overview →

There are crucial things we should do (and should avoid doing) if we are to get our children through family breakdown in good shape. Issues such as housing, finance, maintenance and so on become so much easier to resolve when there is an early focus on the needs of the children. However, with so many things going on it is hardly surprising that too often the needs of the children are managed less well than they could be.

As part of our well-being hub and family support services, we offer a Parenting After Parting course which focuses on helping you to help your children through divorce and separation. The course covers what to say to children about separation, how children can be affected when parents split up, how to help children to manage grief and loss constructively and how to establish a parenting relationship with your ex-partner.

Our Parenting After Parting course is an online course with a range of e-learning materials (including videos) supported by 3 live one-hour coaching sessions hosted by Elaine Halligan of The Parent Practice  and Elizabeth Fletcher of FLiP on Zoom. The live coaching sessions are group sessions giving participants the opportunity to exchange ideas with other parents going through divorce or separation.

We have designed our Parenting After Parting course to be as flexible as possible, mindful of the fact that parents have very busy lives. Therefore, the e-learning materials will be available to access at any time for up to a year. The live coaching sessions will be recorded so if a participant misses a live coaching session, they can catch up in their own time.

Our Parenting After Parting course will run three times a year. It is priced at £200 per person (including VAT) for the e-learning materials and the 3 live coaching sessions. The course dates for 2022 are as follows:

Summer session: with the 3 live coaching sessions held 8pm – 9.30pm on:

  • Weds 8th June 2022
  • Weds 15th June 2022
  • Weds 29th June 2022

Autumn session: with the 3 live coaching sessions held 8pm – 9.30pm on:

  • Weds 21stSeptember 2022
  • Weds 28thSeptember 2022
  • Weds 5thOctober 2022

**To book onto the course, please click here.**

If you require any further information about Parenting After Parting and/or to discuss whether the course might be suitable for you, please contact Sarah Cloke  at FLiP: E: or T: 020 7420 5000.

Feedback →

A Family Court judge commented about the workshops:

“Every parent should be required to attend one of these”

Feedback from those who have attended the workshops includes:

“It reinforced my belief that the child comes first”

“The workshop at FLiP was brilliant – and Alex and I were on much better terms by the end of the first session”

“It was good to know that I am not the only one going through this, that I am not alone”

“It strengthened my understanding of the situation”

“I’ve made a conscious effort to improve communication with my estranged wife”

“To be in a room with other parents who are in the same situation was good for us – we felt less alone”


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