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Children are particularly vulnerable to the impact of divorce and separation. We offer sensitive, tailored support to resolve all your children and parenting issues.

Whatever the complexities and circumstances you face, we will guide and protect your interests and those of your children at every turn, always in partnership.


Our Expertise →

We will work by your side to put in place the best possible arrangements for the long term benefit of you and your children. We are experts in navigating complex cases allowing us to deliver creative solutions that benefit you and your children while carefully managing the emotional impact. 

We offer exceptional legal expertise on a wide range of children and parenting issues including:

We can also advise on discreet matters in relation to:

  • The restriction of parental rights where necessary, such as preventing a parent taking a child abroad (“Prohibited Steps Application”)
  • The exercise of parental rights such as choice of schooling, decisions relating to medical treatment or change of your child’s name (“Specific Issue Application”).

You can learn more about our expertise in a video by FLiP Director Elizabeth Fletcher here.

The team at FLiP is ranked for its expertise in private children law matters in the leading legal directory, Chambers UK Family/Children 2024.

Choice of Process Options →

One of the biggest concerns for many parents is the impact the divorce and separation may have on their children. Choosing the right process option, the right team and the right approach for you is vital and may have ripple effects for you and your family for many years to come.

We are experts in the full range of process options. Whatever the complexities and circumstances you face, we will guide you in the selection of the best process option with confidence and clarity. 

When parents are unable to agree on the arrangements concerning their children, many find that mediation can help. As well as the more traditional form of mediation between two parents, we also offer mediation which involves direct consultation with the children to help parents focus on their children’s needs.

Some of our clients prefer to instruct a lawyer to settle matters on their behalf. Our talented team of lawyers are recognised and respected for handling children related cases with sensitivity and care. Arbitration is also available for those who wish to opt for a faster and bespoke alternative to a more formal Court based process.

Where possible, we encourage parents to have an open dialogue and to resolve matters relating to their children without the need for Court intervention. However, we appreciate that this is not always possible and sometimes parents have no choice but to ask the Court to make decisions concerning their children.

Our litigation practice is widely recognised for its sensible and constructive approach in complex children matters. We are keenly aware of the fact that the parenting relationship must continue long after the litigation has ended. The outcomes we achieve are testament to this.

Many of our cases have an international element and our breadth of experience in this area means we are well equipped to manage and negotiate cases effectively and efficiently.

Whichever process option you choose, our family consultants and counsellors are on hand to offer insight, understanding and support which is second to none. 

Watch our video on the available process options here.

Parenting After Parting →

Our Parenting After Parting course is designed to encourage parents to place their children’s needs at the heart of their decision making process.

This online course which is supported by a 60-minute bespoke coaching session with Elaine Halligan, a parenting expert who is also the founder of The Parent Practice, offers tips and techniques to help you navigate the change in your family relationships.

Key features of our Parenting After Parting Course include:

A three module online e-learning course with a sixty minute bespoke coaching session with Elaine Halligan.

The course notes and videos are accessible from the time you sign up, so you don’t have to wait.

The Parenting After Parting online course has the advantage of being easily accessible, very flexible and avoids the necessity of travelling or booking childcare.

The course is designed for parents to draw specific attention to the impact of divorce and separation on their children.

Together with the bespoke coaching session, it’s an ideal way to prepare yourselves and the children for the various changes ahead.

For further information, visit our dedicated Parenting After Parting website page and to book onto the course click here.

Please contact Wendy Hoare at FLiP if you would like to hear more about the course.


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We have some of the very best London divorce lawyers and mediators, along with accomplished arbitrators, family consultants and counsellors. There’s no one better to handle your case.

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