Divorce & Separation: Choosing the Right Process

This week has seen the launch of the Ministry of Justice’s very welcome and standard invitation to all court users issuing proceedings that they mediate instead.

Mediation may well be the best next step for you to take.

Other options will include:

The whole thing is completely mesmerising and that is before you get anywhere near the processes aimed at avoiding much of the above.

Our new service, FLiP Settle offers couples the opportunity to work together with specialists in the FLiP team to address all aspects of the ending of your relationship. The involvement of our multi-disciplinary team – involving experienced mediators and counsellors -provides a unique space for the thinking and planning that underpins a couple’s move towards separated lives to take place.

At FLiP it is our job to help you find the right way forward given your unique circumstances. And experience enables us to see it really pretty simply.

The first question is to work with you to understand what are the things you would like to see sorted. The second is to gain a sense of why it has been difficult to do so until now and what it is that might unlock the solutions you are looking for.

Doing this we will all start to become a little clearer about:

  • Whether you are going to find a way through by agreement.
  • Or whether you are going to need an outcome being decided by some external process (eg. by the court or by a family arbitrator).

The latter may mean court but otherwise we have many more effective choices. Doors open to kinder solutions. Once we have worked out together what we need to assemble, then we will know the framework to adopt that will hold these resources for the best.

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