Red Book Calculator

Insert the NRP's annual gross earned income
The calculation focuses upon income that is liable to UK tax. (r36 of 2012 no 2677)
Include all bonuses and employment benefits
Investment income, dividend income, rental income (unless the NRP's business) is not considered at this stage and should be excluded
Generally look for the last evidence provided to HMRC (r35(1) of 2012 no 2677)
Has this income changed by 25%? If so the CMS can be required to carry out an assessment as to the level of current income (r34(2) of 2012 no 2677)

The formula takes into account the NRP’s income after pension contributions (r35(3) of 2012 no 2677).
Insert the annual gross contributions made by the NRP.

Insert the number of children living in the NRP's household for whom child benefit could be claimed (sch 1 para 2(3) CSA'91 & para 10C(2) for defintion of 'ROC')
This will be children of the new relationship or step children (ie children of the NRP's new partner based primarily with them)

Insert the number of children for whom a claim is being made by this parent with care

Insert the number of children for whom a claim has already been made or will be made against this NRP by any other parent with care

Remember that these will only be children living with the claimant parent or another claimant parent and for whom child benefit could also be claimed by that claimant parent. (University age children for example would not be counted but a separate court-claim could be pursued for them).

Select “perhaps” to see the range of overnight-dependent outcomes
Insert “number of overnights” to show the predicted outcome
Where different children have different levels of overnight stays then select “children specific number

The calculation reflects the overnight stays likely to be spent with the NRP. The thresholds are (1)<52 nights (2)<104 nights (3)<156 nights (4)<174nights and (5)174nights or more.

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