04th Jul 2016

Brexit and Family Law

Consultant Felicity Shedden comments on Brexit and family law in an article entitled “Brexit: UK family law can improve” published by Solicitors Journal (01/07/2016).

Felicity Shedden, consultant at Family Law in Partnership (FLiP), said the UK should focus on the ‘long and complex’ process ahead as its family laws are reformed.
‘The immediate impact of Brexit is likely to be felt in family law long before the mechanics of our departure from Europe are finalised. With the stock market in turmoil and the value of sterling plummeting, valuing a property, a pension fund or shares is a high-risk business at the moment.
‘Anyone looking to negotiate a settlement is going to have to think long and hard about how the volatility of the market will affect the fairness of any proposed deal.’
‘In the longer term, family lawyers will feel the impact of changes in the regulations which govern jurisdiction of family disputes, and enforcement of decisions. As the European regulations which currently provide the framework for these issues fall away, we will need to replace the regulations with new rules, which will need to be negotiated and agreed with other countries. It remains to be seen what kind of timescale this will require, but inevitably it’s going to be a long and complex exercise.’”

Read the full article here.

Felicity is a consultant at Family Law in Partnership. She is a family dispute resolution specialist, whose innovative work has gained her an international reputation. She has particular expertise in financial cases with family businesses and overseas elements. In children cases, Felicity has many years of experience in acting for parents through the court process, experience that she brings to bear in helping families to find solutions that best meet their children’s needs. For more information, contact Felicity at E: fs@flip.co.uk or T: 020 7420 5000.