24th Jul 2023

Birdnesting & Divorce: FLiP’s Elizabeth Fletcher Featured in The Guardian

Birdnesting & Divorce: FLiP’s Elizabeth Fletcher Featured in The Guardian


FLiP Director Elizabeth Fletcher was quoted in The Guardian’s recent article – “Birdnesting – why divorcing couples are taking turns to live in the family home” (found here).

Birdnesting or nesting is a child-care arrangement that sees the children staying in the home (the “nest”) whilst the parents take turns swapping in and out of that home to provide care. Nesting is relatively common in some European countries like Spain, but has been less popular in England & Wales, although this appears to be changing.

The Guardian’s article notes that separating couples are increasingly finding themselves in situations where they are adopting the nesting arrangement. Nesting is often cheaper than maintaining two separate family homes, and can provide stability for the children. Elizabeth Fletcher suggests that the current economic climate could be a reason why these arrangements are becoming more popular.

Elizabeth says:

“It all comes down to mortgage rates”….. “For your average fortysomething divorce with relatively young children, it can be tough to fund two 6% mortgages – there’s just not enough money to go round. So it’s either that or the leaving parent is in a bedsit. We’ll definitely be seeing more of this.”

If you would like to find out more about nesting arrangements, or to discuss the arrangements for your children on divorce or separation, please contact FLiP Director and private Children Law specialist, Elizabeth Fletcher, below.

Elizabeth Fletcher advises on all aspects of family law, but has a specific interest in managing arrangements for children both locally and internationally and in all forums – in negotiations as a solicitor, in court and as a mediator. She also focuses on resolving financial disputes arising from the breakdown of a marriage and has particular experience in dealing with assets including private companies following a divorce.

If you would like to understand more about nesting arrangements and how they might help you in your parenting arrangements, please contact Elizabeth Fletcher on T: 020 7420 5000 or E: ef@flip.co.uk.