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We have some of the best London family lawyers at Family Law in Partnership. We thought it might be useful to share our thoughts on what you should look for when instructing a family lawyer.

What makes a family lawyer, the best family lawyer for you? →

Choosing a lawyer to assist you with any aspect of your life can be a daunting process. For many, the cost is a key and often primary consideration. But once you have established your financial parameters, other factors then come into play.

Those living in London, the so called ‘Divorce Capital of the World’, can have their pick, but narrowing down your options is no mean feat. Top family lawyers are certainly not confined to the capital. The most important thing is to find the right fit; someone you can trust, feel comfortable talking to and who has your interests at heart.

What makes the best family lawyer?

Instructing a solicitor vs going it alone:

Finding a family lawyer is just the first step in the process. Guidance and support is what will get you through the rest of the process. Your legal support may also be complemented by the assistance of a family therapist or counsellor. Both these services can also provide you with the ‘tools’ you need to rebuild your life once the process is over – for example, tips and guidance on co-parenting going forward.

Some cases may be so straightforward that they can progress without the need for legal representation. In certain situations, however, not instructing a lawyer to manage the process can sometimes prove to be a false economy. What you save on legal fees, you may lose in negotiating a potentially unfavourable settlement or litigating your own case simply through lack of knowledge of the law and your rights.

Whether the consequences are felt in the short or long term, it could leave you with a feeling of regret. At worse, there may be financial hardship suffered as a result. Where there are children concerned, a bad outcome might be a dysfunctional or damaged relationship with your former partner.

Resolving a dispute with the assistance of an experienced family lawyer can pave the way for successful parenting by setting out what is important to you both, identifying shared values and importantly, how to communicate with each other. Any outcome in a dispute concerning children is often not worth the paper it is written on if it is unworkable and where the parenting relationship is not intact.

Even a one-off meeting with a family lawyer at the outset can give you the perspective, the legal advice and understanding of what a ‘good’ outcome might look like. Knowing what a court would consider and what factors are taken into consideration is valuable information which would underpin and justify your case. Going in ‘blind’ can leave you vulnerable and often unprepared for what lies ahead.

Assertive vs aggressive:

For some, the decision about which family lawyer to instruct is easy. For others, the choice is more nuanced. The objective is less about cost but more about how negotiations and possible litigation will be handled.

  • You may want an ethical, client-focused, sensible and empathetic lawyer who can help you make well informed, intelligent decisions without compromising on what matters most to you.
  • Finding that lawyer who can help you to choose your battles, someone who can help you establish what is important and focus on the bigger picture becomes the priority.
  • Equally, someone who will fight the fight when need be but not fight for the sake of it.

Perception vs reality:

Those who choose not to instruct a family lawyer are almost always doing so (and understandably so) because of the associated costs. But instructing a lawyer who represents your own core beliefs and who negotiates effectively for you is money well spent.

It may seem like an obvious point for a lawyer to make but as professionals, day in day out we see first hand how costs can escalate as a result of unnecessary litigation or long, drawn-out negotiations. Sensible negotiating and intelligent litigation in both divorce cases and children matters can help to contain costs whilst achieving the best possible outcome for the client.

Relying on divorce advisers who aren’t qualified solicitors, may prove problematic. As with any non-legal service, it is important to remember that the ‘adviser’ is unlikely to be covered by any insurance, should things go wrong.  A solicitor’s advice is covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance and the legal service itself is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Employing an unregulated and uninsured service is something not to be taken lightly. A bad result in a divorce process can have long lasting and potentially devastating consequences and this is not a position anyone would wish to find themselves in.

Some services such as the divorce coach can complement the services of a divorce lawyer. They can provide valuable support and guidance which may result from a personal experience of family breakdown or even professional experience, having worked as a family lawyer, for example. They will therefore have a good understanding of the process itself including the legal paperwork and can help you to complete paperwork and explain the relevance of it, at a lower cost than a family lawyer.

Many family lawyers are also members of Resolution, a national organisation of family lawyers and other professionals committed to the constructive resolution of family disputes. Members sign up to a Code of Practice that promotes a non-confrontational approach to family problems. It is this Code of Practice that underpins how we work both with our clients and with other professionals.  A useful way of illustrating this point can be found in our Divorce Diaries website which gives our clients the opportunity to communicate their experience of the divorce process and instructing a lawyer to others going through the divorce and separation process.

A means to an end?

Remember that the divorce process is just that – a process. Whilst the best divorce lawyer will ultimately help you to achieve an end result, equally important is how you get to that point and your overall experience. As best as you can, you should not be swayed by others’ experiences of divorce as this may taint your own decision-making process.

Divorce is a very personal experience. Every marriage is different and therefore every divorce is different. The same can be said in relation to disputes concerning children – every family, every child and everyone’s particular circumstances are different.

What do FLiP's best family lawyers offer? →

If you’re looking for a great family lawyer, take a moment to think about instructing one of the team at Family Law in Partnership.

At Family Law in Partnership we understand that divorce can be incredibly difficult. We want to help, and we pride ourselves in doing things differently. We have an award winning team of specialist family lawyers, arbitrators, mediators and family consultants. Whether you want someone with you every step of the way, or prefer advice as and when you need it, we can assist.

We have extensive experience of acting for national and international clients from all walks of life. Reaching an agreement on financial matters can be complicated. Our lawyers regularly advise on cases involving financial complexity including those with hidden assets, family companies and trust structures.

We can also help with pre-nups or post-nuptial agreements. And we advise couples who are splitting up after cohabiting or those whose civil partnership has broken down. Our expertise in these areas is second to none.

Sometimes going to court is the only option but there are many other services we offer, such as solicitor-led negotiationcollaborative lawmediation and arbitration.

At the heart of everything that we do is a desire to use our depth and breadth of expertise to provide tailored solutions which deliver the very best outcomes.

Why might FLiP's family lawyers be the best family lawyers for you? →

Recognising that divorce and separation is more than just a process, Family Law in Partnership was the first firm to bring specialist family lawyers, mediators and counsellors together to provide a truly holistic approach to family law.

Delivering the best family law service to clients remains our a guiding principle and in April 2020 Family Law in Partnership was named a leader for Client Service in Legal Business’s publication “Client Service Uncovered: The Best Rated Firms“.

Legal Business complied ratings for more than 1,000 firms from the biggest international names to smaller boutique law firms like Family Law in Partnership. The firms were rated by 60,000 clients across a range of criteria including partner engagement, resourcing, billing and communication. Legal Business reports that the data provides hard evidence that smaller specialist firms, like Family Law in Partnership, do a better job of giving clients what they actually want.

This follows hot on the heels of The Times ranking Family Law in Partnership as one of the Best Law Firms in The Times’ Best Law Firms 2020 list. (We were also ranked in 2019 too!)

The Times Best Law Firm list honours the most highly regarded law firms in England, Scotland and Wales as recommended by the legal community. The Times’ marketing research team contacted more than 3000 solicitors in order to identify the best law firms in the 26 categories ranging from business to family law fields. Family Law in Partnership is therefore delighted to be ranked again in 2020 in what is an extremely sought-after accreditation.

The Times’ commented that:

“The firm was instrumental in introducing the practice of collaborative family law. Its approach covers a range of dispute resolution options — from robust litigation to mediation, collaborative law, arbitration, solicitor-led negotiation or a twin-track approach.

The distinctive features of the firm’s work include complexity and its high-value and international nature. On the financial remedy side, it deals with intricate corporate and trust structures, including family trusts and hidden assets. Its private law children work often has a contentious element and frequently involves international relocation”.

Meanwhile Family Law in Partnership is the only family law firm to be in the prestigious Top Tier category of the Legal 500 UK 2020 rankings for both of family law and family mediation.

Pioneering, innovative and exceptional, Family Law in Partnership’s talented team is truly award winning. Recent awards for individual lawyers include:

  • Director David Allison was named Family Law Partner of the Year and Associate Kara Swift was named Family Law Young Solicitor of the Year in the LexisNexis Family Law Awards 2019.
  • Director Bradley Williams and our Head of Mediation Dominic Raeside were both named in Tatler’s HNW Guide of the best family law advisers for HNW individuals.
  • Bradley Williams was also named as a Top Recommended Family Lawyer in the Spear’s Family Lawyers Index 2020.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you with your family law matters, please contact us:

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