12th Feb 2020

Are The First 1001 Days Of A Child’s Life The Most Important?

By Jo Harrison

Jo Harrison, a counsellor and family consultant here at Family Law in Partnership, attended The Parent-Infant Conference held on 29 January 2020. This conference concentrated on the innovative and evidence-based practice to protect and promote the emotional well-being of all bumps, babies and toddlers.

The aim of the conference was:

  • To highlight the latest thinking, intervention innovations and research in the field of infant mental health
  • To showcase Anna Freud and Parent-Infant Foundation parent-infant work and to cement our mutual positions as centres of excellence in the parent-infant research and delivery landscape
  • To present a model of integrated parent-infant practice across the spectrum from universal to specialist intervention
  • To bring together practitioners and experts from across the NHS, Local Authority and third sector to have a series of collaborative discussions about joint working for the benefits of families in the early years.

The below is a note from Jo following the conference:

One of the focuses at the Anna Freud Centre / Parent Infant Foundation Centre conference I attended last week as a representative of FLiP was the importance of a baby’s first 1001 days, from conception until the age of 2. The key message is that by making sure babies have the best start in terms of good and nurturing relationships, we lay down the foundations for well-being and normal development later on in life.

FLiP fully supports the 1001 days movement. When we are working with clients who are parents at FLiP, we are always trying to think about what is best for the children and how we can help them lay down good foundations for the future. Relationship breakdown can happen during these early years of a baby’s life but we will always aim to support our clients to support their children through this time and help them to make choices that will pave the way for the well-being of the children, not just in the short term but also the long term.  This support comes from our team of specialist family lawyers, mediators, counsellors and therapists, always working together to try and bring about good family outcomes.




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