14th Jul 2016

Arbitration Children Scheme – Gillian Bishop qualifies as a children law arbitrator

We are delighted to announce that Family Law in Partnership director Gillian Bishop has qualified as a children law arbitrator under the Family Law Arbitration Children Scheme. Gillian’s appointment follows that of director James Pirrie and consultant Felicity Shedden and takes the number of children law arbitrators at Family Law in Partnership to three. Both James and Felicity are already qualified arbitrators under the Family Law Arbitration Scheme which covers financial and property disputes, as is director Bradley Williams.

The new family law arbitration children scheme offers the opportunity to resolve most disputes concerning children by arbitration. Previously, divorcing couples were only able to resolve disputes relating to finance or property through arbitration. The Children Scheme will launch on 18th July 2016.

Family arbitration has been growing in popularity in recent years. There are many benefits, including:

  • The ability of the parties to choose an arbitrator who has specialist expertise relevant to the matter in dispute.
  • The parties have a direct say in how the proceedings are run, what will be discussed and where and when the hearing(s) take place.
  • The process is more flexible and more confidential than the Court process. The confidential nature of arbitration, in particular, means it is likely to appeal to those in the public eye.
  • Arbitration takes place in a more relaxed atmosphere which can be less intimidating than Court.
  • The hearing can often be concluded in one day and the arbitrator will make a decision that will be final and binding on the parties. Only in exceptional circumstances can the parties back away from the award.

To find out more about how arbitration can be used to solve family disputes, please contact any of our arbitrators, Gillian Bishop (children matters), James Pirrie (children and financial matters), Bradley Williams (financial matters) or Felicity Shedden (children and financial matters). To find out more about family arbitration, please read our summary or take a look at our arbitration brochure.