18th Jan 2023

Amicable Divorce: Introducing FLiP Settle

Amicable Divorce: Introducing FLiP Settle

Many separating couples want to work together to agree the arrangements for their children or the financial aspects of their separation in a cost effective and amicable way. They hope to minimise conflict by working constructively and collaboratively with specialists who can address all aspects of the ending of their relationship.

Our new service, FLiP Settle, offers exactly that! An amicable and cost-effective solution for separating couples.

FLiP Settle recognises that the ending of a relationship has not only legal and practical implications but it is a deeply personal matter too. FLiP Settle achieves separation in a way that reduces conflict and cost.

That is why FLiP Settle brings together the skills of our experienced team of family mediators and arbitrators, both of which are established processes for resolving family and relationship issues outside the court, with those of our inhouse counsellors; a key feature of the service. Counselling can help you to address any relationship issues and this in turn makes reaching an agreement on the legal issues easier and straightforward.

Family mediators, arbitrators, and in-house counsellors working with you to address the legal, practical and relationship issues that arise when couples separate. Find out more about our expert team.

FLiP Settle offers many benefits for couples including: 

  • You and your partner both work together with FLiP – this helps to reduce any areas of conflict between you.
  • You don’t need to appoint your own lawyers – but you can do so if you want to.
  • At any time, and at any point, you can take your own separate legal advice.
  • The mediator, the counsellor and the arbitrator and any other specialists that you choose to use are impartial and independent – they don’t favour one party over the other.
  • We offer fixed costs – giving you certainly and peace of mind.
  • You will come away with a binding agreement – so you know that matters will be settled once and for all.

FLiP Settle: legal practical and relationship support all under one roof and designed with you in mind.

To find out more, take a look at our short FLiP Settle video or view our dedicated FLiP Settle page.



If you would like to find out whether FLiP Settle is right for you, please speak to FLiP Director James Pirrie.