15th Sep 2016

A truly international family law firm: Family Law in Partnership

International family lawyers at Family Law in Partnership have travelled far and wide this week.

Director Gillian Bishop has been working in Canada while consultant Felicity Shedden has spent the week training delegates in South Africa. Meanwhile, directors Nicole Hackett and David Allison have been in New Delhi, India attending a meeting of the International Academy of Family Lawyers.

Family Law in Partnership has a truly international family law practice, serving domestic and overseas clients on a wide range of family law issues. Our lawyers regularly deal with complex issues arising from international divorce, including:

  • Pre-nuptial agreements and post-nuptial agreements and cohabitation agreements
  • Jurisdiction disputes including advice on the most appropriate jurisdiction for divorce
  • Recognition of foreign marriages and divorces
  • Recognition of foreign/domestic civil partnerships and same-sex marriages
  • Financial provision following a foreign divorce
  • Enforcement of domestic court orders abroad and foreign court orders in England & Wales
  • International relocation of children
  • Surrogacy, assisted reproduction and international adoption
  • Offshore corporate and trust arrangements

Our clients include:

  • UK nationals living or working abroad
  • Foreign nationals living or working in England & Wales or contemplating moving to England & Wales
  • Foreign nationals living abroad who want to divorce in England & Wales
  • Parents who want to relocate abroad or who want to create or enforce arrangements affecting their children
  • Parents seeking parental orders to deal to surrogacy or assisted reproduction
  • Foreign trustees, settlors, beneficiaries and family offices
  • Foreign lawyers

For further information on our expertise in international family law issues, click here or contact any of our lawyers on T:020 7420 5000 or E: hello@flip.co.uk